So, How Do You Find the Right Spouse Anyway?

While romantic love is usually the primary consideration when choosing a life partner, it’s important to make sure that the person you love is compatible with all the other compatibility factors, like your beliefs, personality, and life plans before taking the plunge. These are the key areas you should consider to increase the likelihood of choosing a spouse with whom you’ll be happy for an entire lifetime.

If you’re a religious person, consider whether it’s important to marry a person of the same faith. If your partner doesn’t share your religion, would you expect them to convert? Would they be willing to do so? On the flip side, would you be willing to convert to a partner’s religion if they asked you to do so? When you and your partner have different beliefs, discuss whether you plan to raise children in one religion or the other.

Discuss All the Things That Matter

  • Lifestyle Compatibility

    Before getting married, make sure you and your partner desire the same type of lifestyle. Do you both want to have children, and if so, what is your ideal family size? Will both spouses work a job or will one person care for the home and raise the children? Where do you want to live? Do you prefer an urban or rural environment? Get on the same page with these questions and others before contemplating marriage. Many marriages fail because each partner was left in the dark about simple issues.

  • A Personality You Enjoy

    Are you and your partner compatible when it comes to hobbies and interests? Although it’s healthy to have some individual pursuits, you should share some common ground when it comes to enjoying your leisure time together. Do you prefer spending hours each day with your partner, or do you like having lots of alone time in your man cave or hobby den? A marriage expert or even a divorce attorney realizes that discussing these questions ahead of time can result in a more pleasant and harmonious union.

  • Sizing It All Up Ahead of Time

    When you’re madly in love with someone, all the practical considerations may fall to the wayside. However, you increase the chances that you will share a happy marriage if you are able to come to an agreement on these fundamental questions. Gather your thoughts on what you expect in a spouse and discuss them with your marriage prospect before taking the relationship a step further down the road. You’ll be surprised how reasonable you both are once it’s all out in the open to discuss and work through.